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 Pananix Comments on a New Alliance with Internet Activo
Posted By: On: 28 Nov 2009 5:15 PM
Details Internet Activo assumes control of the Pananix SA network in the Boquete area.

It is our pleasure to announce that Internet Activo, SA (IA), of Volcan, will be taking over administration and operation of the former Pananix wireless Internet system in the Boquete area. The two principles of Internet Activo, Elias Melgar and Angel Rodriguez will bring many years of experience to remote area wireless Internet service here to Boquete.

The transition period from Pananix, SA to Internet Activo, SA will occur during the month of November and December. During this period we will try make a smooth transition to the new system. Internet Activo will me making some changes to the way things are done, so please read closely any correspondence that may come to you via email from Internet Activo or Pananix.

Internet Activo uses an on-line trouble ticket system that you will find at Please use this system as the primary trouble reporting system and as a point of information of what is going on. If necessary you may contact via this web page: http://tierrasaltas.net/contacto.htm to register a trouble report or for other contact reasons. The repair service will be much improved as IA has several good technicians for support service. During the transition period you may call David Bandel or Craig Owings if absolutely necessary. We will forward your issue to the folks at Internet Activo. Of course we are always available to answer questions as a neighbor.

Bandwidth and billing rates will change to conform with the business practices of Internet Activo. Your current rate and bandwidth will remain in place until 31 January, 2009 to give you time to evaluate the system and service. Please visit http://tierrasaltas.net/servicios.htm to see the new service options available to you. During the trial and transition period you will need to complete a service agreement with Internet Activo. You may find a copy of this agreement at (URL Pending) for review; please print,complete and return the form to Internet Activo before the end of December. For those of you who have paid in advance or have credits, the rate and period paid for will be honored by Internet Activo.

It has been a pleasure serving you over the last years. With this transition to Internet Activo, we believe that you will receive better service and support for the future.

With an eye to the future,
Craig Owings & David Bandel
Pananix, SA

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